Pure Raw Honey, Fruit Butters, Jams, Jellies, & More

We are a fourth-generation family-owned and operated company. For more than 60 years, our family has taken great pride in providing wholesome products to our customers. Bekemeier's Pure Raw Honey is minimally processed by warming and straining... NEVER filtered. Just enough to remove wax, bee parts, and other debris. *Unifloral clover with a pollen concentration value of over 108,000 pollen grains per 10 grams of honey. Placing it in Category 3. Natural enzymes, pollen, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids remain to achieve a final product that is as close to getting it straight from the hive as you can get. Bekemeier's Honey & Fruit Spreads offer premium fruit butters, jams & jellies, sorghum molasses, and much more.